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Sizing for DJ/Urban rig

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I'm looking to finally get a DJ/Urban specific bike...I've been wanting to for awhile, but I'm on a highschooler's budget so sometimes the funding process is slow ;) .

Anyway, for a TRUE dj frame, do you guys suggest 13"? That's what I've been thinking, and my buddy that I usually ride with agrees (although a little biased since his bike is 13":p ). I'm only 5'10 with a 31 or 32" inseam, so a 15" bike seems more like an all-purpose bike opposed to a DJ specific bike. Opinions?

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the 13" measurement you are looking at is the length of the seat tube, which doesn't matter so much on that type of bike, sizing wise you want to be looking at TT length. you arent really going to be sitting on one of these bikes so low and out of the way is what you are looking for. my dk rig has a 22" top tube and i am 5'8" but i have long arms, for reference. I would recommend for most manufacturers you are looking for a small or medium frame, depending on your preference.
Get a medium sized DJ bike in a single speed version and make it your all arounder, you will be able to ride it most anywhere except really long trail rides. You will become nutty strong, your geared friends will cry when they try to ride it, he he.
What greengreer said...
Forget standard sizing, find the geometry you want.
I look for a longish top tube and short chainstays.
sittingduck said:
I look for a longish top tube and short chainstays.
agreed, that seems to work really well for me, combined with a low bb and a not-so-steep HA, there is plenty of room to move around on the bike and not feel cramped, with short stays it manuals well, accelerates well, and feels flickable but not twitchy. bb height and slackish head-angle definately have a part in creating that more stable feel...
Alright thanks guys. Right now I have a pretty good opportunity to get a XS(13") Kona Stuff. I wish I could ride it before buying, but it's an internet deal...
Geez, guess he didn't need all that tech BS anyway, maybe he just wants to ride instead of spending pointless hours getting a perfect fit.
looks like the stuff in 13" has a tt length of 21.7 which may be a bit uncomfortable for you, so you may need to get a longer stem. the complete looks pretty sweet with solid parts specced. i say if you get a good deal buy it, stems are cheap enough.

oh yeah, as far as what Plats said, geometry #'s are very far from BS. especially sizing- if you are bashing you knees into the stem or having back pain from a bike that is too small you will be very unmotivated to ride.
That being said there is nothing wrong with making a few compromises on some geo preferences to save money. spend time riding your bikes instead of working to pay for them. But either way they are still very expensive purchases (for many of us) so buy/build something you enjoy riding.
Yeah, I hear ya. I figure if it's a little bit off I can adapt (when its going to save me a few hundred bucks anyway). Plus I don't have especially long arms so it might work out okay. My buddy has a 13" haro with like a 23" top tube and that feels a little long anyway...
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