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Hi fellow gg riders. I am new here in the MTBR community. but a long time PB and FBGG group user
I am trying this platform to try reaching more people

After some time with my bike and trying many different setups I found it is too big for my liking.
Is a Revved SIZE 3 I got in September 2020 born as a Gnarvana but mostly ridden as a Trail Pistol. I am the original owner.
I am looking to trade or sell.

For trading I would consider:
Revved Size 2 frame (TP, Gnar or MTpreferred)
Probably a Med V2 Alloy MT.

Sell as a:
Gnarvana (With CCDB Air CL) $2450
Trail Pistola (With Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil) $2300
Trail Pistol (with Rockshox RL Deluxe Air) $2100
Frame only (no shock) $2000

I posted in PB with pictures:


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How tall are you?

I'm 6' and went with a Size 3 but actually feel like I could size up a little. Yoann rides a Size 4 and he's 5'10".

If you over 5'8" I'd think you could make it work unless, like me, you actually dont mind riding a bit further back on the bike. My only interest in sizing up would be a slightly roomier cockpit without needing a offset seatpost.

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Hi PHeller.
I am 5'10. In theory Size 3 is the perfect size for me but this all comes to personal preference and I would prefer a smaller bike for my style of riding.

One thing I am considering is to keep the size 3 and get a Megatrail stays to put smaller wheels. Again, just to make it feel smaller.

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