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I was wondering what a good starting point for DHX setup on a Six Pack would be? I weigh ca. 175 lbs and have a large frame. I'll be using the frame for aggressive trail riding.

Thanks for the info.

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Try this:

Rebound: full fast (counterclockwise). Turn it in one click at a time until you just barely slow the bike down. A fast rebound helps the bike track terrain. This is personal, but I'm amazed at how slow people run their rebounds and let their Packs pack up.

Bottomout adjuster knob: Half way. There are three lines around the piggyback canister. Turn the blue knob until the middle one is just barely visible above the top lip of the knob.

Boost Valve: 140psi

Play with the Propedal knob all you want. Mine does nothing. If your bike bobs too much, try adding boost valve pressure about 10psi at a time instead of wasting a lot of time with the Propedal.

Measure your sag and make sure your spring rate is about right. Generally on that bike, three times your body weight, then round up to the closest 50# increment is right for the spring rate. So 175 x 3 = 525, rounded up to 550#.

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I agree with the 550 spring at your weight.

My setting when my DHX was stock (and I'm in the same spring rate):

Bottom out all the way open.
Boost varying between 100-125 psi
Rebound to taste. I like mine pretty fast.
Minimal to no propedal.
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