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Sirius Stiletto 2 Portable Satellite Radio

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Hi, so I picked up of these little satellite radio today, for the intended use having on longer mtb rides. I have one for my car and love it, so I thought it would be great to have a portable unit. This unit is nice as it as it has the option to download and store music, but I really only plan on using the satellite radio feature. But the problem I see so far is that you have to use these bulky antenna headphones which won't work while wearing a helmet. Something I didn't know before purchasing. Anyhow is anyone using this radio with earphones / earbuds other that will fit with a helmet??? I did some searchs online for other types of earphones, but didn't find much. Thanks for yor feedback!
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The headphones look like iPod headphones, only blue. It says on their website it takes a standard headphone jack with 20mw and 16 ohm output. It appears that you can use any set of headphones you wish.

Search any of the "music while riding" threads that seem to pop up once a month for better info on which set of headphones to use.
Oh crap your right!! lol I started this thread a little prematurely. I thought the antenna headphones were for the satellite radio play, and the earbuds that came with the unit was for NON-satellite play, I even purchased the nicer aftermarket earbuds, but had plans on returning them thinking I needed the satellite type earphones. Thanks!
I have the same unit, you need to use the headphones (which are crap) to listen to live Satellite Radio on the fly, tried it once but hated them.

I just use the unit to listen to my MP3's and "loved" Sirius music library, saving Sirius music is the best feature of the unit BTW. I get about 6 hours listening time on mine depending on how loud you like your music, wouldn't bother with the included ear buds they are crap too. Any good aftermarket ear bud will be loads better than the Sirius units, I use Skull Candy and Creative versions which are much louder.

Get yourself a memory card so you can save up to 4Gb of music on the unit (it doesn't recognize more than 4Gb).
Thanks. I did end up purchasing the Sony sport earbuds with the little wrap arounds. Sound quality is much better than the 2 sets that came with the unit. I do need to purchase the memory card though.
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is there an additional fee to use this if I already have one in my car?
cmdickinson said:
the problem I see so far is that you have to use these bulky antenna headphones which won't work while wearing a helmet.
Which is why I went w/ XM and the Inno. No proprietary headphones. I use it when I commute to work. Car and bike. Granted, the reception can be a b!tch sometimes, but then I've got enough music loaded on it to keep me entertained. Love it when I go running.
There is supposed to be a satellite receiver in the top of the unit but you need an unrestricted field of view for it to work, my experience is you have to be stationary with it aimed at the satellite. I've been tempted to tear the headphones apart and get the receiver out of it and mount it in my helmet while I use my ear buds. .

Then again you could always glue this to the top of your helmet and be the envy of all the DJ dudes.:skep:

The Altec Lansing headphones were a real disappointment...that company used to make top quality stuff back when I was in HS and was a reason for me to purchase the unit to begin with. I may have been wrong on the microSD card size limit, it may be 8Gb not 4Gb...been awhile since I bought all this stuff. This is only used for MP3's, the 2 Gb internal memory is used for recorded Sirius songs up to 100 individual songs

The "Love" feature is sweeet though, wish it had more than 2Gb internal memory so it could hold more recorded Sirius music. BTW you would need a subscription for every separate head unit you use, they have to activated on the account.

I have had XM and Sirius in vehicles I rent, except for the channel numbers its the same shiite if you ask me.
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I just want to say Fez Whatley has a posse.

XM202 Buddays!
fez marie has a secret...shhhh
and is very suspecious of sunglass cases
I just got an iPod touch 32GB because of the XM skydock. Turns the touch into an XM receiver. I already have a subscription, and wanted a new receiver anyway, so it was a good deal.

Tag music you like, download on iTunes, keep going on the iPod for as long as you have space (I have 32 GB).

There seems to be some kind of difference in the hardware and programming. All the unfavorable app store reviews for the xm skydock app are from people who are sirius subscribers who can't use the skydock on their subscription.

On my xm subscription, I have to pay extra if I want any of the 'sirius' programming. I've been a customer for 5yrs now, so I don't really care about that stuff. I like what I already get. Having the offline library I have no available to me whenever is fine...don't need sat radio everywhere. There's another app that streams sat radio from wifi, and that works worlds better indoors than sat broadcasts, anyway. And since the two places I use satellite radio are in my car or in my office, the iPod touch works great. I guess the iPhone would expand usability farther, but I don't know how well it could download life music on the fly over the cell network?
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