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Siouxon Accessibility?

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According to the NFS

'Access to trail is blocked by large washout on Forest Road 54. Washout is located six miles from Chelatchie Prairie General Store. '

I was thinking about riding the road down to the trail head, has anyone done it yet? Is the road passable, how about the trail? I'm not sure it would be worth it, since obviously trail maintenance would be an issue.
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Yes. It is no problem. The road climb is pretty mild(5 miles) excepty the last mile. Have done it twice already. It is nice because the trail is all yours, no hikers!
The road is not passable but the trail is primo, no down to speak of.

Have fun!
Awesome, sounds good. You just park some place before the washout? I love that trail, but man the hikers can make it tedious, no fault of their own, just slows down the pace constantly.
Yeah, park at the washout and go for it. I know what you are saying about the hikers. I would sometimes just ride the upper section twice to avoid the numerous stops you have to take on the lower section and partly because that is the best piece of trail.
Now it is all ours but probably not for long.
I talked with a FS guy at Chelatchie Prairie store and he said they would fill it in this summer and put a culvert in for the runoff. Hit it while you can.
Road it today, wasnt that bad really, about 28 miles round trip to the waterfall (the one where you have to hike around the boulder). The road climb starting off wasnt too fun, its mostly straight up, but coming back it was a breeze. Trail was in great shape, the upper section had a lot of debris all over it, got some crap in the derailleur a few times. I guess this is the new 'Ape Canyon' a little road ride scares everyone off...That landslide is IMPRESSIVE, I had no idea how massive it was.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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