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Prime ridding in Bent Creek, Asheville, North Carolina. Sanitized and convenient for the masses. All the best has brush and trees cut and thrown down to keep all people wheeled or otherwise out. Might as well ride a rode bike....................

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I hear ya

I'd blame old farts on their RM7's & Kona Stinkys & Dual Crown Diamondbacks.
I wouldn't blame tourists from Nashville :D with their measily 4" XC bike.

Seriously though, the trails in Bent Creek are over used & under maintained.
Woody needs to get in there and clean house with the Dingo.
The Forest Service isn't helping by "closing" trails by cutting a few saplings within the trail.
All they are doing is making a wide trail a bit wider when somebody clears away the rubbish.
You know somebody will clear it away to...matter of time.
Maybe Asheville needs a Private Mtb Park (no not a converted dump like Alexander).
Get Mike Nix to buy more land around the Liberty House ;).

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You wanna have a real eye opener?

Did Trace/Spencer area - lower sections and the downhill to Mills Sunday for the first time since last fall. The unauthorized hoof damage was shocking. We even saw where someone took a nasty slider down about 20 feet. The route to Mills is unridable. Crossing that off my list. Never Ending Road is the only reason to even bother. At least the Newbie Neighbor loved it.


Old post:


Just read Hollis' post. We'll talk about it next time you VISIT. :p
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