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Singletrack around saugerties/woodstock?

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Hello All....

I'm going to be vacationing in August around the Saugerties/Woodstock area with family (I'm from Ohio). Can someone point me in the direction of some challenging singletrack that might be and hour or less away? I was looking at the map and noticed that nearby are some mountains (Slide, Indianhead, West Kill) so I'm hoping there are some good local trails.

I usually ride a mix of XC and AM, but really love technical riding (rock gardens, etc). I would consider myself to be in the intermediate/advanced skill level. If anyone knows of any trails in the area, I would appreciate some direction. I've been looking for a local site with trail descriptions, but haven't been able to find anything.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I believe the Fats in the Cats website would be the local mountain biking site:
jocky hill, ny +1 for fats in cats

last week end i went to jockey hill, ny for first time, its' basicly in between woodstock and saugerties so it meets your criteria. onteroa lake is next to jockey hill

here's my ride on delorme as it was based on a fats in cats file i downloaded to my delorme

after the bike ride i swam in saugerties beach

and then trail ran up to blackhead mtn (acra, ny)
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Very cool. Thanks for the info. For someone who has never been to the area, are those trails pretty well marked, etc? I think i'm going to definitely check them out while i'm there on vacation.
here's an old school map of jockey hill

if you don't have a gpx i'd recomend a compass, by the way google map says you can gain access via 28, you needs to turn after hess (on 28w) onto morey, then right on sawkill, another right on jockey hill park at cul du sac

here's onteora lake. some one posted it may be more challenging on a hard tail

definately check the fats in cats web site for additional info

if you race a bit here's some info as they have a race at windham & belleayre in august. also Riedlbauer's in sept. is just up the road from my campsite:thumbsup:
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I ride a full suspension and really am into the techy stuff (love rock gardens), but i enjoy flowy trails as well. Sounds like onteora lake trails might be easier to get to for someone new to the area.

I have a gps app on my iphone, so I should be good as far as that goes. Is one of the trails labeled any better than the other? I'd rather not get lost while i'm on vacation. My wife probably wouldn't like that =)
here's the gpx from fats in cats. from morey you can access either trails.

i opted for the trail head at jockey hill for parking. i am not sure if your iPhone App has weighpoints. if so when you wheels down set a weigh point for bread crumbs purposes & you should be okay. bike anywhere except route 28 and your good to go:thumbsup:
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