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SingleSpeed Wheelset Question

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I am trying to build up a high end 29er wheelset that will be fairly light and most importantly, require the least maintenance. I am into the quicker engaging hubs like Chris King and I9 but worry a lot about some of the maintenance issues that come with I9's so I am staying away from them.

For what it is worth, 170lbs is my weight and I am looking to spend around 800-900 for the set.

Current thoughts are:

Chris King Iso Disk Front, Chris King Single Speed Disk Rear
DT Super Comp Spokes
Stans Arch Rims (Front and Rear)

I figure this weighs in the high 1700's to low 1800's grams.

Any suggestions that would make this lighter without sacrificing durability or performance?
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i've had really good luck with dt swiss 240s hubs, and i'm pretty hard on gear.
the wheelset is a DT Swiss XR1540 and combined weight was 1540g, but that was for 26".
CK makes a nice hub but i hear they require a little maintnence. I've never had to touch my dt swiss, and i've had them since mid 2006.
Why are you worrying about weight?

That wheelset will be strong and fast. If you find yourself loosing races by 5 seconds then you might look to shave off 100g. :)
That build sounds pretty good to me... I have Stan's Arch/Flow on Hope's with Supercomp's and Salsa skewers and i think it ended up being 1760-something grams. They have been great for almost two years now and lots of different setups from ss to 1x6 to 2x6, and lots of different tires... Cant go wrong with King's, but i like my Hope's
checkout lacemine29. email mike c. he will get you setup nicely. I highly recommend his services. CK ISO hubs, Stans ZRT Arch rims and DT super comp spokes. Light and fast and durable.
Check out the Hadley Hubs, lot less money than Kings, faster rolling, 72 pts engagement, and just a few grams heavier. they also come in nice colors, much better value than King.
I believe someone mentioned this already above but DT 240s are good hubs. With the ratchet ring upgrade to a 36 step ratchet it has plenty of engagement... not a king/I9 but not terrible.

I have them built to a pair of 470 rims and my wheelset weighs right about 1800 g. They have never been trued or otherwise serviced since I had them built about 2 years ago.

I'm about your weight (165 w/o gear) and I ride rocky rooty north and south carolina stuff.

I highly recommend them.

King's are nice too though I hear... ;)
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