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My singlespeed spam.
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I am selling a 15" Spicer titaniuam e-bb singlespeed frame (fork is NOT included). As you can see, the frame is disc only and there are no brake bosses. I bought the frame from Spicer last spring for between $850 to $900 when it was all said and done. I built it up and rode it last summer. Towards the end of last summer I switched back to my steel frame and the Spicer has been hanging in the basement ever since. Rather than let a nice frame hang around unused, I am hoping to pass it along to someone who will use it. No, my motives are not so pure, I am also trying to "raise" money for a trip to China to visit my girlfriend. I thought I would give MTBR a shot before putting it on E-bay. The price is $375.00 plus $10 shipping in the lower 48. For an additional $50, I'll throw in a rear wheel. Paul WORD hub and Mavic 3.1 UST rim (needs a new valve stem about $10).
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