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Well not exactly by choice.

On Friday I went to show my brother some new extensions I added to a trail in our town. It's called the Urban Assault route since it sort of criss-crosses a residential area in our town between the mountain and the cliffs by the sea.

We did one semi-cleared stretch of singletrack. On this section a stick forced my rear derailleur into the spokes, snapping the der.hanger.

Just the other day I was thinking how clever i was for having a spare good when it's in the toolbox at home though :eek:ut:

I was worried what might happen if i shortened the chain and rode home singlespeed, but decided to try it since i wasn't up for the walk home. Luckily because of the rear axle's travel path, it was ok. The chain would get slightly tensioned when the suspension compressed, but i just headed for the tar asap and rode home cautiously.

Being outside a major city meant it took some work getting me on the bike for the weekend. The derailleur was jammed passed the hanger bending the main bolt so that it was impossible to unscrew it. Ended up cutting the remaining part of the hanger in half with a grinder to release the tension from the bolt to enable me to unscrew it.

Also broke both the inside setscrew and the rear-facing setscrew(the one that pushes against the hanger) We swapped the normal setscrews cos I figured it was more impotrant keeping the chain on the cogs on the spoke side than on the derailleur side of the cassette.

The rear facing setscrew was still in position, but the head was broken off, so we unscrewed it with needlenose pliers, covered it in loctite and screwed it back into position.

She's working fine, shifting was good and i was able to ride the rest of the weekend. The most frustrating thing is that the money going towards the new X.O derailleur was intended for new X.O triggers :madman:


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MintSauce said:
Well not exactly by choice.
Glad it worked out, its always the way, when the spare part is at home and not in ya Camelbak, problems arrise.........

Looks mean as a SS does your ML, good to hear it worked and got you home........:thumbsup:
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