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singlespeed frame or not

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im thinking about building a singlespeed and im wonder abut the frame

should i get a singlespeed frame or will a frame with a derailer hanger work just as good

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a frame with a derailleur hanger will certainly work, whether or not it is just as good is a subjective call. if you set up a non-single speed frame with a hanger, it will probably make more noise (maybe marginally so) and probably more likely to loose the chain (maybe marginally so).

Do you have a frame already? If not, there are cheap single speed frames to be had. For instance, you can get a Jamis from JensonUSA for ~$165. I ride a Soul Cycles Hooligan that was ~$250.

But, if you already have a frame, or are in love with another, geared frame... go for it. it will work.
My thinking was if I didn't like it I could aways comfort to gears

And no I don't have a frame yet. Still in the planing stage

im leaving for iraq soon and i will be building it there.
Most SS bikes can be built with gears also. Even sliders and EBB frames can be built with gears with no problem. Most come with hangers or have them available.

Steal, Ti, or Al?
ok i didnt know that
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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