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At the TMBRA season opener at Warda this weekend, singlespeeds were out in force. I have a good riding buddy, mostly a roadie, who I've been dragging along on mtb rides on one of my extra singlespeeds I've given him on extended loan. (the first hit is free!) Talked him into racing it in his age group category (Cat 3 Men 50+) and he got 2nd out of 17 and was the only one on a SS.

The mens Cat 1 40-49 was also won by a guy on a singlespeed against 40 other guys on geared bikes. Well, I call him a 'guy', but I've raced against him and he is a monster, simply put. I was just happy to see him pull into another group besides SS at the Cat 1 start.

This is also the first year that TMBRA has fielded 2 SS classes, Open Pro/Cat 1, and Cat 2/3. There were 15 riders in Open class, and ~25 in Cat 2/3. Seems like we are definitely growing.
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