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Single speeding a Sugar

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I'd like to convert my Gary Fisher Sugar into a single speed. A few questions-

Since the bike has rear suspension I'll have to use a chain tensioner to keep the chain taut as the suspension moves. I've heard that some tensioners are better than others. What's the best one to use? What are the problems with tensioners?

Where can I get a quality single speed disc hub for a fair price?

I'll be using Race Face Turbine LP square-taper cranks and I need a new bottom bracket. Where can I get a 107mm square-taper bb with adjustable chainline?

Anwers to these questions and any other comments would be appreciated.

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One of our locals, CrashFLMB, rides a Sugar3, and just uses the old derailleur. It seems to work well, as he hauls butt on it. Do a search, he has posted some pics of it.

Yep, Kendogg's right. I converted my Sugar and it's the best SS ever! (Although the hauls butt thing is up in the air.) Of course, I've only ridden one other and it was a conversion also. It took some time to get it fully dialed in but it rides perfect now. I ride a large and if ya want, I can measure the chain length and let ya know. The pics I posted on here are quite old as I've swapped some parts out here and there. It took about three rides to stop the skipping b/c of too much chain but I've only dropped it once in the last 6 weeks riding it 2-3 X's a week.

I'll try to post a recent pic but feel free to PM me with any questions. I'll help as much as I can and totally recommed it. If you like the geo of the Sugar and the ride, then you'll rediscover it as a bike and will love it all over again.

Good luck and post pics when it's completed.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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