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Single Speed Hub Recommendation

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I am going to build up a new rear wheel for my single speed, and am wondering what to use for a hub, I run a pretty tall gear (32X18 on my 29er) and live in New England so I run into some steep stuff, and am tired of blowing up free hubs. So my question is what hub has the most nuke proof guts?

my bike set up right now is a sinister simon bar, with mavic cross max wheels, and a reba. I have always had problems with mavic freehubs, and am sick of pulling the hub apart every week to fix it.

Thanks a bunch,
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Do you have any considerations other than reliability? Budget/noise/points of engagement/spoke type...

King probably has the most "nuke proof" guts, but my vote goes to Hadley, super reliable, and great service/support. 36 or 72 points of engagement, ti freehub/axle, bolt on rear, less expensive than King.

I hear lots of bad things about the Mavic freewheel (though they've also supposedly improved it this year), which makes me think you'd be happy with almost any other option: Shimano XTs/XTRs/I9s/Hope/Phil/Paul/Surly and a WI ENO freewheel...
The DT Swiss 240s hub has been pretty good for me. Riding some fairly rough stuff with lots of rooty/rocky rides for over a year now without a single service.
...or Hope SS/Trials: loud, should be cheaper than King or Hadley.
I'm running a Phil Wood hub with a White Industries freewheel and it seems very tough. Not a lot of extended climbs in Iowa, but there are plenty or short steep hills to power up. No issues with the hub/freewheel yet.
I've been happy with my Hope Trials/SS hub..... I'm running similar gearing, 33/19, on my 29er - and enjoy tough climbs.... and it has nice engagement for rockering the cranks...

The only issue is that the Hope is noisy - you get use to it eventually - but if you're looking for a quiet hub, the Hope is not for you.
King or Phil

I have a regular King rear hub with spacers and king cog. I live in Montana and ride 8 months out of the year. I'm not heavy but I crank on it in steep, wet conditions. I do take it apart once or twice a year (you don't need the special tool) spray all the old snot out of it and relube it. It's five years old now. You can also dial in the chainline using spacers; much easier than dinking around with bottom bracket or chainring alignment.

I have a phil hub on my ss road machine and I've never touched it. I imagine if I popped it open it would look like new.

If I bought a new rear ss hub, it would probably be a Phil Wood Kiss Off with a WI freewheel. I wish they made a 20t trials version.
You can make any WI freewheel into the "trials" freewheel, you just have to buy two of them. The internals can be swapped out by anyone with bike know how (and a pin spanner.) There have been a couple of threads about this, but if you open them up, I imagine it would be pretty easy to figure out.

Surly bolt on with 18t WI trials freewheel. Awesome SS combo and I got mine for $160 new.
Yo! said:

Surly bolt on with 18t WI trials freewheel. Awesome SS combo and I got mine for $160 new.
+1000....that's what i great :thumbsup:
I think I am going to go with the paul hub and a white Industries Trials freewheel, Thanks a bunch all!

grnbkr said:
I think I am going to go with the paul hub and a white Industries Trials freewheel, Thanks a bunch all!

That's what I run. Problem solved. Non-issue. It's always nice to have one less thing to worry about.
For several years I've been running CK hubs here in the NE. They are the way to go, no brainer.

Tried the WI on a Paul Word. Nice cog but it died on me in less than a year. Bearings wore out. WI fixed it at no cost to me. I'd consider trying the 18t trials cog but weight wise the whole rear hub-cog combo is far more weight than an already chunky CK. You also enter the realm of non-adjustable chainline issues with the thread-on WI cogs.

I've been running CK hubs for probably 10 years. The engagement, durability and reliability is incredible. You simply cannot go wrong with the CK set up.
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