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backtocali said:
Can I use my dt swiss 240s hub as a single speed setup? Is it just a matter of buying a fixed gear for the rear hub?

Terminology is everything. If your freehub body is aluminum, make sure the cog you buy has a thick (~5mm) base at the splines to keep it from cutting into the softer metal.

Chris King (steel) or Homebrewed Component (variety of materials) are good choices.

But for the record, this is not the same as a fixed gear.


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I tested the waters by buying the surly singulater kit. Two asymmetrical spacers that take the place of your cassette, a cog with the gear of your choice, and the tensioner that takes the place of your deraillieur. This would be a singlespeed setup (coasting) as opposed to fixie (cranks always turn, no coasting). A very easy kit to install if you have a cassette tool and hex wrenches. There are many other conversion kits on the market now though.
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