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Single Speed Cranks w/ Rohloff

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I've typically run mtb cranks with my Rohloff. I'm looking for a new, integrated/outboard BB crank set. I have just run accorss some SS sets (Race Face Next carbon SS) and wonder what the benefit of a SS set up would be in general or with the Rohloff? Race Face does offer the Next in a full mtb version.

Do you guys know if the bash guard is typically removable? Also, can you typically run any sized ring (38-40T)? I know the SS set up ususally come with a 28-32t.


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Basically those cranks are regular cranks possibly missing the bolt holes for a granny. The bash is removable and the middle ring is 104 bcd. I'd think you could run the rings you want as well with no issues. I doubt very much that the ss crankarms themselves are any different than the regular ones with exception to granny mounting. Marketing SS cranks is just that, marketing. Makes sense though, I didn't want a 3 ring set up when I built up my El Mar. I got a set of middleburns with a downhill ring from Ebay. The 44 ring now sits in my box replaced with a 32.

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