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Single chian ring and guide on Heckler??

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Just wondering how many people out there are running a single chain ring and chain guide on their Hecklers??
Is this a bit of overkill? does it defeat the purpose of having a Heckler?
if you are, what combo are you running?
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I run 1X9 with an Ngear chain stop. It works great for everything I do. That would include fast rides with drops about 3-4 feet. I never had a problem and it doesn't weigh anything. I ride an SS as well and after riding an SS, a 1X9 is cake.
just depends if you can climb with whatever gear combo you are going with.

I have to use my lower front ring to climb but if I ride more I could prolly ride the middle ring on climbs.
I run a 1x9 on my Heckler too. No chain guide, just a 32t Surly SS ring up front with a bash guard.
1X8 here - I too ride a singlespeed and after that 1X8 is no problem.

34T ring with simple home-fettled chain device (DMR Chain Reactor spare roller bolted to DMR hinged clamp) - does the job.

No chain guide, just a 32t Surly SS ring up front with a bash guard.

Tempted to try that set up myself but interested to know if the chain ever falls off inboard.
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I've never had the chain fall off, but then again I'm not doing any serious jumps, just XC.
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