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Simple green fade anodised parts??

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did a search....didnt find what i was looking for.

will simple green fade anodised parts
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NEver heard that, but....

vizsladog said:
did a search....didnt find what i was looking for.

will simple green fade anodised parts
... EZ-Off will... the stuff that has fumes. The no-fume stuff is useless.

You you want to fade your parts? Are you trying to remove the ano?

Captain_America1976 said:
ez off did this. they started black

now they are silver
EZ Off did this for me. This was also black ano. EZ Off and some metal polish.

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For the OP- Yes. I have done it myself. It irregularly removed the ano from chainrings and my black ano cranks. Other ano parts became faded over time.
i'm not wanting to remove it at all.

I use it on my current stuff and have some nice anodised stuff on the way.
I don't think it will damage anodizing, it's a simple detergent. To be safe though I wash my bike with dish washing liquid. I have for years.

Several years back the department of defense tested simple green and released a report stating "Don't use Simple Green to wash aircraft or aircraft components. This product has been through DoD testing and was determined to be highly corrosive on aircraft aluminum. It can also be a catalyst for hydrogen embrittlement in high strength aircraft alloys."

Simple Green addressed the problem by developing a formula specifically for use on aluminum alloys: Extreme Simple Green.

The alloys used on our bikes are basically the same as aircraft parts.... so be careful which formula you use.
I use simple green on all my bikes.

When I wash my bikes I spray the entire bike down liberally with simple green (especially drive train). Then I just use a bucket of soapy water and scrub everything down. I have never had any adverse effects to any finish on any parts of my bikes.

I will say though, that automotive brake parts cleaner will completely remove the painted logo's from just about any finish.
Lennard Zinn had some info onvelonews a while back about simple green - The stuff basically destroys chains, too. I don't use it on my bike stuff anymore. It works well - a little too well.
Hi all ! It says on the simple green product data sheet not to use it on aluminum as it will corrode . I use citrus orange about 50/50 with water and rinse well . Now we get to hear everyone that has used simple green and never had a problem . It also says not to use it on aircraft , LOTS of aluminum !
I used simple green on a black anodized Santa Cruz Blur. The phone rangy and I forgot what I was doing. After about ten minutes, I came back to rinse it off and found little white spots that never went away.
vizsladog said:
did a search....didnt find what i was looking for.

will simple green fade anodised parts
Yeah, simple green when applied straight and or allowed to dry on it's own, even when rinsed off 1st can and will streak paint/ano. It's not as bad on plastics & stickers, but can streak those also.

I always dilute it first.
Interesting, I've use the stuff for years all over my bikes. Guess I better find something else. Perhaps Joy dish soap.
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