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(Tom) said:
Are 8 speed chainrings compatible with 9 speed stuff (chain, front derailer) ?

No problem. Chainrings aren't even included in 9spd upgrade kits...proof positive the Shimano doesnt think you need them either.

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The short answer, as indicated by Shayne, is yes, however. 9 speed chainrings are supposedly narrower, as are the cogs. The chains are definitely narrower for 9 speed. Trying to mix and match sometimes works (the derailleurs work either way, although shimano says the 9 speed front derailleur cages are different), you might notice some shifting issues trying to use a mishmash of parts. I would try it though, the worst that is going to happen is you're going to have to buy some parts, but if it works, you don't. Try it first, possibly save money.
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