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Silverton, Co this weekend

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Who's all going to Silverton this weekend? Right now I'm planning of leaving Saturday afternoon. I'm not sure if I'm taking the RV or not.

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Silverton in the Summer time

I'll be there but I will be riding Saturday. Looks to be very cool. Silverton Saturday and Hermosa Trail on Monday, how rad is that? it is a shame that we have to drive so far to get to decent lift accessed ridding. some one should clue the Abruzo brothers into what Sandia could be.
Headed up Friday Night

Hey Todd,

Ben and I are headed up Friday night and coming back Sunday night. Rich and possibly Ed are going up tomorrow too but I'm not sure when they're returning. There's at least three other people from Los Alamos going up either today or tomorrow and staying through Tuesday.

- Neal
Ed is going so He and I are leaving Friday around 4:30. Should be up there around 10:00Friday night. We will ride Sat. Sunday and probably Monday. Karl is riding there Monday and Tuesday. Bender told me they've between pulling 80 hour weeks to get the new stuff going, there's a cool new teeter-tooter and He's hoping for a great turn-out. Hey Todd-
Neal and I just finished a cool new Pajarito section below the lift with some great style hip jumps. Almost as good as the Santa Fe jumps but not really Gaps (there is an 18' sort of double:madmax: but its more like a road gap-it was pretty sweet last night). With all the rain the trails up there at the ski hill should be prime for the following weekend. See you all at Silverton:thumbsup:
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