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warrlokk026 said:
Does anyone know where I can find good info about this course? How about a good map of the course?


click on Races, then click on Silver Rush, then click on the map at the bottom left of the page: presto....a map of the course

what specific info are you looking for....? I do know that you hit close to 12,000 elevation four times, and there is a ton of climbing, both riding and can get some info by going to, enter a user name and password, then join the LT100Bike bb group, then scroll through the archived posts looking for topics relating specifically to the Silver....look at these posts: #'s35,407,1639,1659, 2187, 2331, 2334, 3291 (motionbased stats), 5426, 6111....hope they help ya
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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