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I ride a Niner SIR9 with a 32 Boone chainring on LX cranks and a 20 Boone cog on a Hope Pro II single speed/trials hub. I use the Hope spacers that came with the hubs and a Shimano lockring. The chainring is mounted on the outside of the crank spider. My chainline seems fine, but I have a few questions.

The lockring on the hub will not thread unless I also use the special (threaded or molded or shaped?) spacer that came with the hub. Is there anything else I can use that may be wider or narrower?

Second, and probably a silly question, as if the first one wasn't, without putting the chainring on the inside of the spider, is there anyway to move my chainline to the inside? I don't think the BB spacers were meant to be used for this.
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