Boutique bicycle pump, tool and accessory manufacturer Silca has launched a line of high-end shop tools that will ravage your wallet and outlast generations of cycling mechanics. These three new tools are manufactured from 3D-printed titanium and are available now.

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Why Ti? For the vast majority of customers, it's just the cool factor afforded by this lust-worthy grey metal, but there is a rational reason for using Ti in some instances. Professional race mechanics who frequently travel with their tool boxes need to keep weight to a minimum. This is why so many full-time spanner spinners gravitate toward Abbey's titanium tools. (Check out the hashtag @toolboxwars on Instagram for many amazing examples.) Silca is looking to complete in this same space with its new titanium tools. Unlike Abbey's welded tools, Silca opted to manufacture in 3D-printed 6/4 Ti.

Here's a rundown of these three premium tools.

Titanium Chain Whip - $150.00
Silca's chain whip has a claimed weight of 80 grams (including eight links of TiN YBN 11-speed chain.) According to Silca, the whip handle contains spiral riffling reminiscent of Columbus SLX tubing and the whip head is fully hollow with internal gussets. At 11 inches long, this whip is designed for well-maintained bikes and is NOT compatible with cheater bars.

Titanium Lockring Tool - $150
Silca's this lockring tool has a claimed weight of just 45 grams. The head has 2 spline patterns to accommodate both Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo lockrings. While not as hard as tool steel, hardened 6/4 is harder and stronger than the steel used in many traditional cycling tools and is 4-6 times harder and stronger than the aluminum used in high-end lockrings. As with the matching chain whip, this tool is designed to be used on well-maintained bikes and is NOT compatible with cheater bars.

Titanium Machinists Deadblow Hammer - $150
A machinist hammer is a go-to tool for many professional and amateur cycling mechanics. Like the chain and cassette tool, this hammer is 3D printed in hardened 6/4 titanium. It features a hollow head filled with 125 grams of stainless steel shot, giving it higher impact energy than a solid titanium head, while also eliminating any recoil. The hammer's head is hardened titanium on one side with medium-hard rubber on the other for use on delicate surfaces. This hammer has a claimed weight of 160g.

Silca Ti Tool Set - $399
This might be the ultimate gift for cyclists who maintain their own bikes.
Buyers can customize their tools with etched lettering for a $25 upcharge.