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I was responding to someone asking how to change the spring in the Pike. Turns out I pulled a Frued, and described something else! LOL! ROFL!

Selective reading.
Did he just say what I though he did...

Originally Posted by MicroHuck
Jeez guys it aint rocket science!

While holding it straight up
Cup your hand over the balls
they all fall in nicely.
Otherwise put a towel down under you so they stick rather than bounce away.

I've removed mine like 5 times and not once lost a ball

Another trick. Secure in a vice or bike stand. THEN I guarantee you won't lose any
You don't need to change it
Likewise, when you do change it, just point it down to drain and then put it back
It won't be messy that way.
The lower chamber is large enough that it won't spill out the lower mounting hole when filled. hate it when it spills out the lower mounting hole

It's really so easy, that even our president could figure it out!

BTW, make sure to LUBE that sucker up really good with silicone engine belt grease from an autoparts store.

Anyone had to pull the rod out from the lowers yet?
Mine's not really any solid piece inside the shaft to pound on
Any suggestions?
I used a hammer and nail because it's solid steel.
It's pretty damn good too.
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