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back in the saddle again
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I attempted to purchase and download the ride tracking software (Data Center 2.0) from Sigma but got stuck in a loop of being asked to enter my credit card information and verify it with my CC Company's security verification system. When I tried to use the form to contact customer service the form kept telling me that my postal code didn't match up with my region. I think that's what it said. Maybe it actually said that my postal code on the form didn't match up with the information I entered in my profile. Either way I can't download the software and I can't contact customer service and I'm wondering if anyone on here can help me?

Is the Sigma software even worth it? Are there any good, free, easy to use software packages for PC that can be downloaded off the 'net?

I realize I can probably just make my own spreadsheet with my info and do my own graphing of progress but it would be wonderful to have a program built specially for biking to make life easier on my end.

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