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Sierra Vista

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Hey all,
Heading TO SV this upcoming weekend. Was wondering if anyone knows of some trails up on Carr peak or Ramsey vista campground that heads down to SV. I have been on Carr and Brown canyon trails, those are nice but I'm looking for something higher up. Any help would be appreciated :thumbsup: .
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Have you ridden Perimeter trail?

My favorite ride down there is a loop between Miller Canyon Rd. and Carr Canyon Rd. called the Perimeter trail. It incorporates the John Cooper trail.

Here is the direction I like to ride it.
Go up Miller Canyon Road about 1 mile. There is a restroom to the left.(south) Nice places to park under some big trees. The ride starts directly across the road(north side) just a stones throw to the right.

From here it climbs a lot over some nice technical features, and in places it goes under trees. Very nice views. Some fun rocky challenges. Eventually it descends down to Carr Canyon Road. Just before it gets to Carr Canyon Rd. there is a junction and the trail goes back to the left at a sharp angle, towards a beautiful meadow.(west) It goes to some old stone building remains, and there is a nice shady creek bed with nice trees to sit under and take a little break. If you were to take the trail straight, you would come right to the road and miss the nice meadow.

From here, continue west and it goes to a little Ranger station, and you jump onto Carr Canyon Rd. Now the climb begins. You will climb a few miles up steep fireroad. When you hit a big switchback, you will see a couple boulders straight ahead off the corner, and a trail. Take this trail up a climb.

Continue on this trail, and it will then start going downhill. A mix of fast, and rocky in places, with some fun stair steppy rock sections. You will hit a couple junctions, and each time stay left so you don't go into the Wilderness area. It will come out on Miller Canyon road a couple miles from the car. But don't go down the road or you miss the best part.:nono:

Look across the road, and you should be able to find a trail going to the east and following the creek. It goes downhill, and is an absolute blast.:D It is super fast and swoopy in places, and then hits some technical spots. Really fun. Eventually it crosses the creek, and you are on the south side of the creek,and then a ways down you will need to keep your eyes open for a trail heading north to the car.(back across the creek). If you get to a big water tank, you went too far. You end up back at the car, and now if you came prepared, you break out the ice chest and camp chairs and have a nice picnic under the big trees.:thumbsup:
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Thanks 2wheels, I think I've been on some of this. Will have to write down all your directions and give it ago. Thanks.
Most of the land up high is wilderness.
Going down Brown can be fast and flowy once you pick up the lines. Parts of Perimeter/Cooper Loop can be as well.
A local club, Dawn2Dusk, has good beta on their website and group rides.
Like idaz said, most of the Carr Peak area is Wilderness, thus not bike accessible. The John Cooper section of the Perimeter trail loop, which is the single track section that starts after the two mile climb up Carr Canyon Road, is as high as you can get up the mountain. There are some cool single track sections on FH, accessible from Brown Canyon, but most of them are not mapped out anywhere.
Thanks guys (or Girls??). I was wondering if that was wilderness, now I know. So those singletracks off of Brown to FH are open? There is no fence blocking of the fort? Hmmm lots of posibilties, nice thanks people.

Wow that Dawn to Dusk web site is nice. Thanks idaz.
Surprisingly the only open gate to FH is from Brown Canyon. Some ride from Miller Canyon to Carr Canyon (via the perimeter trail), then take UDA trails from Carr to Ramsey Canyon, and the Brown Canyon Trail to Brown Canyon then the FH access gate to Tinker Canyon, and then Garden Canyon. Some sections of the trail are not easy to find.
^ ^ ^

Just to add, the further you go toward Garden Canyon, the more FR and jeep trails there are. There is a "waterfall" in the garden canyon/blackail area also with lots of techy rocks and is a popular destination for biking and jeeping. Watch out for some of these areas, as I believe they are pretty close to the UXO fields.
Thanks merost & 1123 for the info. Whats UXO???? will keep a eye out for that waterfall section.
Well sh!t, wouldn't want to roll on any of that. Thanks Louis.
Thanks guys for the info. Hit up the John Cooper loop on saturday, fun trail. MUCHAS GRACIAS :) .


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Glad you enjoyed our neck of the woods... stop by Sun N Spokes bike shop and talk to any of the guys there, we'll show you the rest of what Sierra Vista has to offer. PS: The club is "Dawn to Dust"...
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