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In March I had an LBS install new bearings for my SI bottom bracket on my 2007 Carbon Rush frame. All was fine. About 1 month ago I started to have front derailleur shifting problems - chain would jump down off big ring to granny - or - if on granny jump off. Played around with the front derailleur adjustment over and over. Rode, dealt with it, readjusted, etc.

Then I noticed that the cranks were not flush with the frame so I pulled the cranks off, cleaned everything, put it back together and tightened the heck out of it (Does anyone know the torque setting for these cranks?). Rode, figured all was fine.

Kept having some shifting issues, and saw that now the non-drive side of the cranks were not flush with the frame. Pulled it out, checked everything, smoothed the gaskets down so to make sure they're not folding or impeding the tightening. Then ... tightened the heck out of it. Still not flush...

so, for some reason, decided to push on one of the cranks - towards the center of the bike from the side - and the whole thing slide to the other side about 1mm. Pushed on the other side and it slide back. But it's tight as can be - used a breaker bar. So what the heck is causing about 1mm of play side-to-side??

With the cranks totally tight I can slide the whole thing side-to-side. It's driving me crazy. What am I missing? Thanks!
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