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SID Ultimate setup (how did you dial yours in?)

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I've been running the PIKE for the last 4 years. Currently got a steal single speed and put the SID Ultimate on it.

I'm having a hard time dialing it in. Currently it feels really rough and chattery on rides. I ride rocky/rooty stuff in Austin Texas. I weight 165lbs. I was wondering what you all did to your SID Ultimate to get it dialed in. I currently have the suggested psi and number of clicks on rebound is 7.

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I've been running the PIKE for the last 4 years.
The Pike blows the SID out of the water on rough and chattery stuff every day of the week without trying. So don't expect the SID too feel like the pike. The SID is an XC racing fork and will never feel like a Pike no matter what the marketing claims. It is better and stiffer then the 32mm stuff, but not Pike level.

I significantly improved my SID doing a service and using a stickier lowers oil (fox gold instead of the rockshox 0w-30) and smearing the bushings with grease. I eventually went back to a Pike though because I could never get the harshness out on the rough.
Thanks for the reply. That sucks. I was hoping I would like it since it is so light, which was my primary reason for putting it on a new SS steal rig (trying to keep weight down). I'm due for a new fork on my trail bike, so I will probably go with another Pike there now.
Would the change in fluid usage really transform it significantly?
Say, use Motorex Supergliss or Fox Gold on the lower legs as Ksanman recommend,
and then also replace damper fluid with different fluid from stock as well.
Honestly, I think my weight weenie ways of the past, along with made me getting nastalgic about the old SID, caused me to not listen to all the things I researched when picking my SID Ultimate.

I will probably try to sell it and buy a PIKE. Even after only putting in less than 50 miles on in.
Troyl....I don't know when your fork was made, but some early units had bushing issues.
I bought a early one...within 5 miles, the bushings were binding to where it felt like a old sticky fork combined with a loose headset.
I sent in in for warrantee...when I got it back, the damper blew out in 5 miles.
Not bad for a $900 fork, right?
I sold it after it's second return for SRAM.
I replaced it with a Pike Ult which has been nice , although I did drop the lowers early on to replace the oil and grease the seals...which made it feel all the more nicer.
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