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StevePrefontaine said:
Just graduated with some friends and taking a biking trip to bootleg we aredriving into town wed the 30th planning on ridding thurs 1st and fri 2nd sat 3rd of dec. how do i hook up with the shuttles.
Depends if you are wanting to do XC or DH.

If you are doing DH, then contact All Mountain Cyclery in Boulder City for times the shuttle is running (I'm sure some one here has a phone # and web link for them); or wait around at the rest rooms and I'm sure somebody will let you throw your bikes in the back of their truck.

For us XC guys, we just ride up. The easiest trail up is Girlscout to the middle parking lot. From their you can do numerous trails or ride the dirt road up about another mile or less and go down Skyline, Powerpole, Boyscout, or even over to the DH trails.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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