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A bit of history first to explain the issue.

I am using Avid Elixer 5s on both the front and rear. My front stops very well and no issues at all. The rear however is not the same. When I got the bike I was able to ride a time or two on the trails with no issues. Now however, I am getting a bit of what can best be explained as a shutter when pulling on the rear brake.

I took it in to my LBS and they quickly diagnosed it as overheating my rotor. He took it off and sanded the rotor. Rode the bike home and all seemed better (had to go through break-in period again). Next day take it on the trail and sure enough it starts doing it again. I take it back to the LBS and they now determine that it must be a bad rotor (something messing with the brake pads like a small bur of metal on the rotor). They put a new rotor on it back through the break-in period. Now I can feel it starting to happen again. I don't believe I am over using my rear break.

What do you guys think the issue might be? I hate to go back to the LBS with the same problem again, but its very annoying.

Braking does not seem to be diminished but it is def. not right. It does not squel, but vibrates when braking.

Sorry for the long post.

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*loose QR or alxe
*bad hub bearings
*loose brake caliper
*air in the caliper
*old brake fluid
*under torqued rotor bolts or centerlock
*contaminated pads
*leaking caliper
*low spoke tension
*bad rear suspension pivot bearings or bushings

That's all I can think of right now....I've got the same issue going on with my front brake and it looks like it's being caused by a bad bushing in my left fork leg. Same for me, brake power is good, just an annoying shutter plus a buzzing sounds at high speeds during braking.
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