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I know people that mix/match these drivetrain components at will and I've seen posts on this forum about it as well. I wanted to started this thread as a place to park/discuss the combinations that people have tried and those that work. My intent here is that this isn't a sram vs shimano battle, nor a place for people to get soap boxy on why this will cause puppies to be killed and your first born sacrificed.

Please just provide info on what combinations you have tried, or seen tried and what the outcome was. Thanks!

Please use the following format +/-:

Rear Derailleur:


To start this off, I know of a few folks local to me that are using the following combos, specifically on ebikes.

Shifter: X01 Eagle Shifter
Rear Derailleur: Sram GX Eagle (52t capacity)
Cassette: Shimano SLX 12 Speed - 10/51
Chain: Shimano 12 speed (SLX maybe?)
Chainring: Unknown
Outcome: No issues. Shimano chain and cassette retains the ability to shift under load that shimano has as an advantage over sram. I am not aware if these guys are using a special chainring with this setup. No known issues

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I went down the OP's road. I was changing from SRAM to Shimano but wanted to keep my SRAM cranks. I read stories that Shimano chains don't mesh well with SRAM chainrings, and that SRAM chains don't shift as well as hyperglide chains. And there was some talk about SRAM chains not working well with Shimano derailleurs. The stories were across the board. I finally gave up and bought an entire Shimano group.

It would be nice if a reliable source actually tried all the different permutations and posted a review.

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Shifter: Shimano SLX
Derailleur: Shimano SLX
Cassette: SRAM NX Eagle
Chain: SRAM Eagle. Don't know exactly which, probably a cheap one.
Chainring: SRAM X-Sync2. Probably the Steel NX one.
Outcome: Works almost as well as the full GX setup on my other bike. It's just as finnicky with cable tension as full GX. Recently started to skip under torque but that might be the budget Giant freehub or a very dry chain.

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Just wanted to add that the Shimano 12 speed and SRAM 12 speed shifters have the same cable pull and the Rear Mechs have the same pull ratio. Was running a SX shifter and Deore rear mech while waiting for XT shifter to arrive. Currently running XT shifter/Deore rear mech, SRAM cassette and SRAM x0 chain and it works fine.

Shifters and rear Mechs also match. Can mix and match those.
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