Product Showcase: a quick glimpse at some featured bikes, parts, & gear for Winter 2008 - mostly new, but definitely all hot products.

Chumba Racing VF2

After 2 years of R&D, CHUMBA Racing based out of Anaheim, California, released our newest addition to the line up. The VF2 - named after our CNC machine - will fill the role of the light weight, race-inspired, cross-country bike. Coming in at an astounding weight of just 5.8lbs. with shock - the VF2 is one of the lightest bikes in its class.

XTR Build Complete Bike MSRP: $6495.00
Fox Racing Shox 40 RC2

DOWNHILL RACERS ON FOX 40'S ARE THE ENVY OF THE FIELD. For 2009 we've taken what we learned from countless test sessions and the world's harshest Downhill tracks and applied our knowledge to again improving our world-class RC2 Damper. The 40® also receives a direct mount stem upper crown in a lightweight optimized package for maximum grip and weight savings. Full 8-inches of travel, separate externally adjustable high and low speed compression damping circuits.

MSRP: $1600.00

Garmin Edge 705

GPS-enabled super cycle computer
displays power data from ANT +™-enabled third-party power meters, wireless data sharing, barometric altitude and vertical profile, wireless heart rate monitor, self-calibrating wireless speed/cadence sensor, turn-by-turn directions, mapping detail, card slot, color display

MSRP: $499.00

Exposure Lights Enduro MaXx 2

-The benchmark handlebar light from last winter just got better value for money. The best all rounder and super compact for a light this bright.
-Includes new "SPT - Smart Port Technology"
-720 Lumen Output (MaXx)

MSRP: $399.00

Crank Brothers Iodine AM Wheels

All-mountain wheels at 1865g per set. The Extruded rim is 21mm wide (inside width) and welded. The inner edge of the rim is machined to half the level of the cobalt, leaving an i-beam ridge. This feature gives the wheelset extra durability for all-mountain use. There are no holes drilled through the rim making it naturally tubeless and increasing the strength and stiffness tremendously. Colors : Burnt Orange or Iron. (Available Late 08/Beginning of 09)


Salsa Cycles Mamasita 29er

If you're looking for big, fast, and light, your search ends with Mamasita. The scandium frame uses specially shaped chainstays (ala the Dos Niner) along with newly designed carbon seatstays to facilitate vibration damping. Cable housing guides are also directly integrated into the carbon seatstays.

Mamasita. One fast mother.

MSRP: $2599.00

Inside Ride eMotion Rollers

Finally, a cycling platform that moves with you, allowing the natural motion of real riding. The E-motion system completely changes the feel of indoor riding.

The patented design is based on a simple sliding frame, which lets the bike float naturally forward or back as you ride…so your bike reacts freely to the movement of your body, as it does on the road. Common rollers prevent natural motion (which is why people don't like them). This is the first trainer EVER to create a full 3-dimensional feel with steering, balance and freedom of motion.

MSRP: $795.00

1upUSA CPR A-2000 Trainer

-Centrifugal Pressure Resistance (CPR) provides the most realistic simulation of riding a bicycle ever

-CPR resistance technology outperforms fluid, magnet and wind trainers
-Functional range for continuous operation from 4 watts (5 MPH) to over 3,000 watts (42 MPH), the widest range of resistance in the industry Fluid free, NO LEAKS! CNC machined with less than .001 run-out

MSRP: $299.00