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I figured since there has been talk of 09 yetis we could show of how are we have abused are 08s or old . Mine took a nasty fall today onto some rocks and got its worst scratch to date. Was riding 50yr trail in Tucson when I took a spill not only did the Yeti get it so did my rear side. The fiance spent about 15 minutes pulling at least 50-75 cactus thorns out of my cheek.There is another scratch on the seat tube the goes along with this one today. As well as multiple on the underside of the down tube from 8 months of riding here in rocky Tucson ans I am sure a few more after the ride planned on Monday down Bugs/Prison/Millie.

Blue Electric blue Azure Turquoise Aqua

Didn't scratch it but just some more of the abuse it took today.
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