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Hey, I'm so excited!

I just bought a 2003 Gary Fisher sugar 1 team issue frame on the german ebay. I would like to use it for marathonracing. I want to build it sub 22lbs. I got already some components:
bontrager race lite 2001 wheels
xtr 8-speed sti shifter/brakes
xtr rear derailleur
Race face next lp cranckarms
slr 'roses' seat
dura ace 8speed casette
wcs headset
bontrager race seatpost

For the other components, I was thinking about a sid fork, but concerning the fork i'm doubting between a 80mm or a 100mm, also thinking about a wcs handelbar, stem combo and some light avid v's. Do you have any ideas, comments, pls let me know! Note that I 'm the poorest college student in town, and I like it (as long as I got some beautifull bikes) :p

It would be cool too, if you could show me your sugars to get me inspired!!

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