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Shout Outs...

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Good experiences with CS, products, and companies? Post it up here!

Much thanks to Shannon in Manitou Tech, he's helped me numerous times, even sending me a new shock when I ordered the wrong size.

Thanks to Chris, Tom, and Ronnie at marzocchi, helped me out in a bind, hooked it up with parts, advice, free shipping, etc a number of times. Its appreciated!

Malcom at Cane Creek, for the advice on CCDB setup, sending me stuff at heavy discounts or free of charge (springs, adjusters, and is now rebuilding my shock and sending it back with a heavier spring 2 day air free of charge - thats service right there), and being a generally nice dude.

Chris/Lance, thanks for the bike, its dreamy. Also thanks for weekend call backs for stupid questions, and I'm always stoked to get to talk about riding with the dudes who built my bike. Nice to know they're out riding too, and that they actually care.

Thanks to the guys at e13, some of the most experienced knowledgeable guys I've had the pleasure of dealing with, always ready to help, fix stuff up for you in the pits, and I've never worked with a company that every person I've talked to has so much technical knowledge about every single product/bike matchup they have. Always excellent service from these guys.
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Juan and Mateo at Gamut. Awesome guys.

Mike at World Wide Cyclery (Iron Horse distributor). Fantastic guy. Fast, efficient, and very helpful.
Have had excellent CS experiences with Crank Bros, Manitou, Hayes and Kenda.
I've got a couple

Walter at Chumba, he hooked me up with a sweet deal on my F5.

Mike Metzger at Transition, made sure I was taken car of properly when I need a crash replacement front triangle for my BR. the first one I got was machined wrong in the headtube, so he sent me out another one the same day.

Eric and Sadie at Deity. Always top notch customer service, they have a customer for life in me. I needed a set of cranks by Friday in PA to finish my f5 build, I called sadie up on Wednesday at noon, and had them before lunch on Friday.
Mike (and everybody else I've talked to) at Universal Cycles is always happy to answer my endless questions, as is Chris Canfield. Walter from Chumba was very helpful when I talked to him, and George and Vin at True Wheels bike shop know what they're talking about.
I would like to give a shout out to all my babies moma's and the federal, state and local govt's that pay for dem bastards.

And A HUGE shoutout to the kind folks at Tempo for making some delish foie gras and Veal Saltimboca:thumbsup:

Malcom at Cane Creek is ok.

Sram is good.
Marzocchi has always had my back even when I messed things up.

Lance / Chris Canfield thanks for all the help and answers
Marzocchi has always treated me right

Chris and hats off to you guys for service beyond what anyone could expect

Intense Cycles.....these guys have always taken care of us for the little things....great CS
shout out to Rick the Welder too.....great guy

Hadley Hubs......these guys got my hubs in the morning and mailed them out the same afternoon....I missed one day of riding !!! new bearings and they took care of a paw...also gave me a tool for taking apart the hub free of charge.....Hadley Rulez...will never own another hub
Hope US has always been great to me. Phil and WIlliam have done right by me.

DT Swiss




+2 on Ronnie at the Marz cafe, Will42 for shock knowledge, Monty at Helens and Newbury Park LBS!
I've had great luck with Marzocchi Canada, Blackspire and FSA.


and Specialized

All went above and beyond what I was expecting.
SRAM has hooked me up big time with my brakes and my fork - both user error. CS has been good through the shop too.

Kona has treated us well at the shop. Giant has been good too.

Eric over at Deity is the man.

Enduro is awesome.

Atomlab has hooked me up.

e13 takes care of business.

Manitou has been great to me.

The guys over at Formula are great. Magura's not bad either.

Dakine is awesome.

PUSH is really awesome.

I've had good luck with Litespeed and Independent Fab.

Velocity Rims are great.
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transition has been awesome to me in my measly little shifter purchase

also my mech mike at the up hill grind (i know, i know, roadie name)
Knolly, Industry Nine, Magura, Thomson, and Turner are all companies that I have received above average customer service from.

edit - forgot to mention great service from Larry / Mountain High, and Go-ride.
All the entrys so far are on point...

I'll add Marshall Cant from Syncros. I bent the axel on my Mental pedals and he sent me a new axel free. No questions asked and a s--tload of stickers too.
Great thread William42!

Shanan at Manitou has always treated me very well too, great guy and patient.

Everyone at Transition has been awesome. They need to make a light 6.5" travel BR...

Chad at Red Barn, great wheelbuilder.

All the guys at Speedgoat have been great but they always try to sell me XC tires for my DH bike ;).

ROGER AT MOREWOOD!! damn what an awesome guy to talk to. Knowledgeable, patient and passionate. Hey Roger! Send me a Makulu!
Tom at Marzocchi.

He gave me key information to convert my TST damper to a piston & shim damper. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Then 6 months later, when I sent the fork in to replace the cartridge, he transferred over the piston/shim mod to the new cart himself! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Huge props! Above and beyond the call of duty. :)

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