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I broke my collarbone about 25 years ago riding. Evrything healed fine and havent really had issues. About a year and a half ago i developed pain in the front and top of my shoulder and saw a orthopedic surgeon, had an mri which showed biceps tendonitis. The rotator cuff was fine. I had a steroid injection which made the pain go away. For the past 2 months or so ive noticed after rides of 2 hours or more which are more technical i get the shoulder pain again. Its like i spent the day in the gym just doing shoulders. Its only the side where i broke the collar bone, the other side never has pain. If it gets bad enough i ice it which helps.

Any ideas? Are there any braces or taping i can do for rides that may help? This is just one of those nagging injuries that just never wants to totally heal, or i just feel it more now that im in my 40s.

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