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Should I swap Marz MXR for Manitou RTWD ??

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I have a Titus Loco Moto (4.0" - 4.75" rear) running a 2002 Marzocchi 100mm MXR coil fork. This fork works great but I am seeking more travel. I am concidering the Manitou Elite 90-120mm with RTWD.

Is this a good fork compared to my current MXR? I found a screaming deal on one for $175 new. What spring comes stock in these forks (I weigh 155lbs., ride very rough trails and seek a plush ride). Can I mount my 185mm front Avids on those post mounts, or will I need another adapter?

Any/all comments on this fork are appreciated...
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I'm planning on doing the same, but where did you get the sick deal?
That is a nice fork for the money. Your Avid will mount up just fine but you will need the 185mm PM adpater. You should be able to get one from your LBS or someplace online like

Fork deal is here...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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