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The litech frame uses a 30.9 seatpost.

I have two posts, one is a 27.2 m2racer 250mm and the other is a easton ec90 30.9.
The m2racer I believe weighs 90-95g (unchecked, because it's in the mail. The Ec90 with some work to the clamp and a little work, can be tuned to around 113-119g.

Is it better off just using the m2racer post with a standard shim or is it actually safer for the frame to bypass a shim and just use a standard fitting post like the easton.
The m2racer would be lets say 93g + 18gshim 111g and if the shim is tuned, I can get it down to under 110g easy.

Weight wise, I'm 155lbs and just do trail riding, so I am not putting too much stress on the post.
need to get a lightweight 27.2-30.9 shim thats under 18g or so.

I know that BTP makes a carbon shim, but the one I have seen is a 32,4 to 31,6mm and weighs 5g.

The USE 27.2- 30.9mm thermoplastic - 22g
In comparison the USE 32.4 - 31.6 weighs 9g

The extralite I have seen is Extralite 34.9mm - 31.6mm 90mm length. 9g

I will see if extralite sells one in my size. I have read a few on here that they purchased the USE one and either cut it down to 60mm or even drilled holes in it and lightened them quite a bit.
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