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Currently running a medium Mach 5.7 alloy with a 160mm Pike Solo upfront. I have been offered a new Santa Cruz Blur LTC in a large at a very good price. I also paid very little for my Mach 5.7 frame secondhand un-built so cost of change is not a big issue.

Should I do it? Geometry is similar (assuming 68 degree HTA for Blur on 150mm?) and it looks like I would need a large in a SC (5'10").

Like my Mach but Just fancy a carbon frame and the colour is rad too (green).

PS I have no interest in going for a bigger wheel size as I have invested in some Crossmax SX recently and all my mates are on 26" for the forseeable.

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You should make a quick list for the reasons to replace/change your current set-up.

Are you having trouble going uphill?

Are you having trouble downhill?

Are you looking to improve your racing finishes?

Are you uncomfortable on your current frame?

Are your friends making fun of you?

Is your frame very worn, to the point where you would simply replace it?

What kind of riding do you do? Would the SC be any better on your terrain?

Also, at your size I would go for a medium frame SC. I'm 6' an the Large size fit me perfect. If you're used to a Medium sized frame, the Large will take some getting used to.
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