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Hello everyone. I need some advice in which should I go and race Enduro or not. But first you need to know my story so you can get and idea.

I'm 17 years old. I've been mountain biking for 5 almost 6 years now. Got fired up to mtb by watching ROAM mtb movie. Started to ride with the picture of being a pro dh racer in my mind. Sadly, where I'm from there is no big mountains o trail networks. So with time I understood I could not do downhill, by that time I had a hardtail cheap walmart bike. So I started to save up to buy some "decent" ride. Got 300 bucks and spent it on a decent alloy rig with 5 inches of travel, met some people and started doing what I like to call, mountain biking, just riding for some hours in the mountain. Some time went by and my skills got better, I'm not the kind of rider to go big on jumps but I like gnarly rock gardens and natural gaps. So eventually my alloy frame broke as it was made for cross country use. My mind was still focused on being sponsored and be a pro... someday. I saved some money doing some working for my father and this and that and build up a hardtail with good components, shimano slx, manitou and sh*t. Rode that bike for 8 months. As my skills got better I realized I needed a dual suspension bike, sold that bike and build up a norco fluid 04 frame. Couldn't finish that bike as I was out of cash. by that time I was 15 years old. So my brother who has a bike shop and is a biker too helped my out to build something better, I ended with a 2012 scott genius bike with sram x7 build and marzocchi 44 up front, was stoked with this bike. The best bike I've ever owned. I rode it for pretty much a year and then, there was a local XCM race, 60kms, mostly flat and little technical terrain. My brother suggest me to get in that race, I was not really fired up to go in that one but just whatever I raced it, finished 2th in junior category and that really got me fired up to race XC. Then as I was really fired up to race XC I decided to trade my lovely scott genius for a XC hardtail bike. I did. And It's the bike I own right now, of course with a lot of upgrades. It's a cannondale F29 that saving a lot I upgraded it with crossmax slr wheels and xx1 drivetrain. I could only got this because my father saw my dicipline of training, and saw that XC is a real sport (because he never really liked DH, he said it was a bunch of crazy guys trying to kill themselves) he gave me the wheelset as a gift for my birthday. I have raced at least 6 times this year and 5 last year. I got some podiums in state level races, I really like XC and all but what I really would like to do is what I was looking to do in the beginning. That is downhill, but now with the new hype of Enduro, I'm really looking forward to try it out as it is a gravity oriented sport. Now the point here is, in Mexico we don't have the support to make a living out of cycling. I know, I have knocked at leat 8 doors of cycling companies here in Mexico and I get answers like, when you are top 3 we'll see, or just like, we don't sponsor amateurs or just get ignored. We don't have good quality races, Enduro is just starting and there are national races every two months. I still have in mind to be a pro... someday. Right now my only real support is my brother (he doesn't really give me things for free but he supports me in a moral way) and my father kind of support me as well. But If I do the change to Enduro I don't really know if they will ever support me, because they think enduro it's too easy to be a real sport. And as there is no support from companies in Mexico. I won't be able to be racing. Because going to races takes money and I of course can get a work, but If I get in a work, there won't be time between school and work to train.

I know I wrote a lot but you had to see my history so you can get and idea of how I am. But one thing is sure, i'm not giving up, it's my dream and I'll chase it. No matter what it takes. And the other thing is that I can't afford to buy another bike or maintain it, so I will have to trade off my XC rig for an Enduro machine, so I want to make sure it's a good movement before I change my bike for another.

Thanks for reading and If you have a suggestion I'll appreciate to read it.

Or if you are a bike company and you want to sponsor me I won't oppose :thumbsup: (I know it's crazy, just let me be haha)
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