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Should I jump on these?

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I'm riding single track sun rims right now, I'm needing a new front hub/wheel with a 20mm axel and have been looking at just hubs and whole wheels. I can't find much on these particular rims though. The listing I found has this: T.H.E. mountain bike rims downhill dh dirt jump dj - $70 -- Should I jump on these?
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you could - but you probably wont have fun - plus one could flip up and hit you in the face.
I'd look for a bed or a trampoline or something.
lol. Ok. Should I jump on the opportunity to buy these? I can't find any info on them?
No. You should do some research on this dumb design. There's a giant bulge in the middle of those that fills a good part of the volume of the tire. It's designed to prevent pinchflats. In practice it just makes it ridiculously hard to mount tires, weighs a ton, and is just really unnecessary.
yeah yeah hell yeah get those joints they are bomb proof
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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