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Should I go full force HT to 06 season or...

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Here is the deal... I already have one HT build up and have spare parts to fully build another bike... and is really tempting for me to build another HT (maybe a Morphine or something in that area) and use one HT for FR,DJ,Street and one just to DH and race... that make any sence or it will be better to build a fully !
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a fully
you should fully get a fully...
depends, go hardtail if your hardcore, go fully if you want to walk when you 55 years old
i love the threads where people actually think someone else really cares what they ride.....
i love threads where wch decides not to say something sarcastic...
lets see you ride at diablo like everyweeked, why wouldn't you get a fully
vpjackal989 said:
lets see you ride at diablo like everyweeked, why wouldn't you get a fully
I rode most of 05 season at diablo with the HT and find it more fun than with the fully... for the only reason I'll get a fully is to make better times for racing... but I really like to go fully HT for 06... no sure yet
Do what is more fun dude.

If the HT thing tickles your fancy, go for it. If you have the money which you do, and you really want it, get the Fully.

Then again, I dunno what I'm saying. Just have fun riding.
although i ride a fully for DH, i think it's sick your a hardcore hardtail rider. if your into that then its awesome, you could make a HT race bike. do whats more fun to you. the only thing is that on a fully you could get better times for racing, which makes a fully a good choice also.
zachdank said:
For you? A unicycle fo sho
nahh man hes a hardcore hucker, he needs a tricycle
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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