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Should I go for this road bike?

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There is a 2004 Specialized Allez for sale, its bone stock, and has less than 400miles on it. He guy says its a triple, but its actually a sport triple. Its exactly my size(54cm). He is asking $475. I know I can get it for less, I'm pretty sure not many people are out bike shopping right after X-mas and 5" of snow on the ground.
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seems like a great introduction into road riding, if you can get it for less than what the person is asking i say go for it, looks like in 04 it went for about 820, so i'd say no more than 400. cited from (
only suggestions i will give is make sure that it shifts well and doesn't jump, the tiagra shifters are a little touchy if they get dropped/jarred but other wise are a good start into road biking without breaking the budget :)

let us know if you decide to get it

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