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I tried this in the DH/FR forum, but didn't get many responses, so I will try it here

I am looking for suggestions of a fork to upgrate to for my 2003 P1. I was originally thinking of going with a DJIII since that is what most people with P series bikes seem to like and the price is right, but since the bike is used more as an agressive trail bike than a dirt jumper, I think I might rather have something a little lighter and better damped. So now I am thinking about a fox vanilla. I love my float on my XC bike, and think the vanilla would probably ride nice and smooth like the float, but at a claimed weight of under 4 lbs is it strong?

So here are the requirements: Standard QR, Under $400, approx 100 mm travel (I don't want to put a 130 mm fork on and have a chopper), Strong enough to handle aressive trail riding and up to 4 ft. drops.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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