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Short rigid fork on Access 9r frame?

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I'm thinking of building up an XXL Access 29er as a multipurpose road bike and was looking at rigid forks earlier. I noticed that the Fargo fork is shorter, thus creating steeper head and seat tube angles to make the Access geo more in line with standard road geometry and is available in two different offsets (50mm and 55mm).

Which fork would be ideal for this build? I'm thinking about taking a 23" Access frame and throwing roadie parts on it with drop bars to make a disc brake road bike built for light singletrack, noncompetitive road rides, and touring.
Salsa Fargo fork - 442mm A-C, either 50mm or 55mm rake
Salsa Cromoto - 468mm A-C, 43mm rake
Surly Instigator - 447mm A-C with 43mm rake
Or even any random rigid 26" disc fork ~410 to 440mm A-C with 40-44mm rake

The Access frame just seems to be the easiest and cheapest way to get a frame with a 650mm ETT and it'll be flexible for future rebuilds as I tend to rebuild most of my bikes every few years.

I just dont know how much steeper the geo already will be with a rigid fork vs an 80mm suspension fork and then push that by using an inch shorter fork. Would this make it impossible to have the handlebars high enough up? I like the tops of my bars ~2" below my saddle.

I'm looking to steepen the HA and SA by 1 degree or so to bring the frame in-line with most modern cyclocross and touring bikes (72 deg HA, 72-73deg SA). I figure I can run a setback post to sort of slacken the SA since it'll ~73.5 if I steepen both by 1 degree.

Will this make for a very goofy pedalling road bike, or one with an overly low bottom bracket?

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