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this is an update to my previous mini review of the Landing Zone knee/shin protectors. I have been riding with them for some time here in NJ. As mentioned previously it is clearly warmer to ride with leg armor than without, but it is not too bad and still very tolerable even in the summer (we ride mostly in the morning). My leg protectors now have a few gouges that I am very happy did not impact my legs.

A few weeks ago I came down a hill and hit a small drop off balance and separated from the bike. The legs were fine due to the leg armor, but I scratched both elbows. Due to my good experience with the Rockgardn leg armor I decided to also get some arm armor from them. The rest of this post will describe the arm armor.

The Rockgardn elbow/arm protectors consists of padded plastic plates covering the elbow and part of the forearm. The forearm plate is not as long as ex. Roach elbow/arm armor. Rockgardn probably uses (conjecture) the same plates for all sizes of arm armor. In addition the entire arm is covered with mesh from the middle of the overarm to the wrist. The mesh in addition to two straps keeps the armor in place. I haven't taken any bad spills, but for the few minor ones the armor stayed in place. The armor also perfectly protected my arms. Another side bonus of using armor is less cuts from thorny sections of the trail. It is warmer riding with the arm armor than without. However, even in the NJ summer it is quite tolerable. Once we start riding I don't even notice my leg and arm armor. I tend to focus on the trail and all the interesting possibilities. However, knowing that I am pretty well protected (leg and arm armor, gloves, helmet, sun glasses, padded shorts and flat pedals) let's me try new stuff out with less concern.

For my riding style, slightly aggressive constantly trying to improve by pushing the edge, I really like both my leg and arm armor. I ride mostly technical XC trails with lots of waterbreaks, 1' drops, etc, with lots of pedaling and for this use both Rockgardn products work very nice for me with no chafing etc.


BTW. I don't work or have any financial interest in Rockgardn, I just like their stuff, which I paid for.
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