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Short Freeride video from North Georgia.

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Here is a short freeride video I put together from a recent trip to Ridgeway Park in North Georgia. ENJOY and let me know what you think. :thumbsup:

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50 Views and no responses:confused: . Come awn guys I need some Feedback. I like to make these vids entertaining. Constructive criticism appreciated. :thumbsup:
I liked the vid. Only criticism I have would be to not zoom in too far. On one of the first sequences when everyone starts off the camera zooms in really far on the last rider, to the point where it was hard to tell what was going on besides the guy had a back that was going away. Other than that cool work!
Loved it! Good all around videography, good music tempo, didn't feel "too long", and some very good riders.
Thanks man, I am working on a video from a recent race Ill post it up as soon as I get it finished. Until then you can check our website at

And I did a little write up about this riding spot.
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