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Shops with a good shoe-selection that are close(r) to Apache Junction?

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Anyone have some suggestions? I'd really appreciate it.
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I thought you lived in Prescott. No suggestions here, I'm on the NW side. DHF'r probably has some ideas.

Jayem said:
Anyone have some suggestions? I'd really appreciate it.
Focus Cyclery in Gilbert carries Shimano shoes, if that's what you're looking for.
funboarder1971 said:
I thought you lived in Prescott.
I do live in prescott.
.downhillfaster. said:
What, are you implying that I live in a trailer in AJ???? :D It's MESA goddammit, I live in MESA....

Jim, what are you looking for? Some shops are better than others out here in the far east...
Spd shoes.

Not necessarily a "winter shoe", but a winter shoe IS a possibility (if that makes sense). Definitely something better than I have now, which has large sections of mesh that simply suck in the winter.

If one of these shops happened to have a winter shoe...I may just get it, but I'd like a decent selection to try out and try on. A more "protective" shoe like they used to make a little while ago (do they still make em) that were about a mid-length upper- would be far better than what I have now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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