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Shops that cater to SS in Colorado Springs.

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Just relocated to CO Springs. Anyone have recommendation for shops that cater to single speeders and offroad fixies, or at least has staff that rides ss. Looking for a shop that at least knows what I am talking about when searching for parts, and like minded individuals to go ride with.
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You should check out one of the CO forums.
Figured this would be a little faster since the CO forum encompasses all of front range, and that the single speeders would be here.
sin3kal said:
Figured this would be a little faster since the CO forum encompasses all of front range, and that the single speeders would be here.
SS'er, here. In Massachusetts.

Jes sayin'
No shop that really caters to SS unless you lump BMX in there. No really bad choices in town but I can say that Pro Cycling can get whatever you need on the SS front. Both my wife and I ride for the shop and ride SS mtb exclusively.
Not in CO, but Webcylery in Bend Oregon , helped me convert my HT to a SS. No problems after a season of rides. Great web site and a great shop...nice people
Check out The Hub at the intersection of Palmer Park & Union. Both of the owners work there daily and both ride single speeds. They also do weekly shop rides.
Cool thanks guys. Definitely thumbs up to web cyclery, loved them when I lived in Bend. The reason I was looking for a shop that has knowledge of ss,was not to be an elitest ****** but because of the numerous times I have been told by a shop that they sell singlespeeds on the phone,go in to take a look and get directed to the beach cruisers and BMX...sigh :(
Follow up for those interested. Talked to Chris at The Hub yesterday. Very nice shop, not the biggest but he definitely can take care of your SS and offroad fixed needs. Carries a wide selection of cogs and tensioners, ss specific front rings, tomi-cog bolt on cogs, salsa, and vassago frames. He was very patient with my repeated "so how do you get to that trail from here?" "ok, now where are we on this map?"
For SS, the Hub is probably one of the best shops in town. I haven't found too many shops around here with built up SS's, most shops just have the frames hanging on the wall.
For other shop needs, I've always had very good luck with Bike Stop and Colorado Cyclist. Both are e-tailers with shops fronts, so they have apretty good parts selection. I think Bike Stop is probably my new fav, the staff is super friendly and they are willing to work with you on prices.
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