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Shops experienced w/ E150 fork?

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Couple of questions for you guys riding the Enduro SL w/ the e150 fork. I will eventually need to take it in for their 150hr service. Few questions.

- Approximately how many miles would 150 hours equate to??

- Any shops in the bay area (the closer to Marin County the better) have good mechanics w/ plenty of experience w/ this fork? I know it isn't supposed to be difficult, but I just don't trust people and or novice mechanics to do work on it.

I stopped by a Mikes Bikes and they said that they had never done service on one, but were aware of the scheduled maintenance intervals, they called it the e150 for $150. Does that sound right? $150 to change oil, etc.??

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I'd call Passion Trail Bikes in Belmont and ask if they have a price for the maintenance. They are much more likely to have worked on it than most of the Mike's Bikes.
Nor Cal Bikes in Santa Rosa is a Specialized Concept store. They sell quite a few high end Specialized bikes and I am sure that the crew there has been trained by Specialized to work on that fork, as well as anything else that Specialized makes.
Heck, it's not like shipping it to Spec. HQ would be that long. Why not just let the big s monkies monkey with it?

(I've never opened one of these forks yet so I have no idea how hard they are to work on. But after servicing Fox/Rockshox/Marz for the past 15 years, they can't be that hard.)
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